Bahrain - 倒後鏡中的日落

近來在填一份job application form時,有這項「200字內描述有什麼你參與過、並很有成就感的事」。不用想我當然是寫在Bahrain出差的經歷了。


Last December I had been to Bahrain for work. I was to take several Chinese workers with me for a shop installation. At first I was only supposed to be the translator for the local contractor and my team. However due to the lack of experience of local parties, I had to handle unexpected situations and challenges time after time.

Eventually I had become the project coordinator. I organized work schedule and arrangement, did communications, and fought against any baseless accusations to my company. Fortunately I worked everything out and finished the installation successfully.

Although I had no experience on shop installations, my language skill and my diligent personality allowed me to make contributions. I stayed confident in my ability, and stayed calm to solve unimaginable problems. That was when I further understood my potential and felt achieved.



在這個時勢,要找到好工作不容易;留在Exploitation Pit的每一天,其實自信和精神都在下沉。但起碼我要提醒自己,別忘了那次經歷,也別因為每天被欺壓而麻木了意志。