IELTS完成了: 順利的筆試和被盤問的口試



今次考試比較特別的,是選了在酒店應試。由到達試場登記,輪候寄存隨身物件,及後在鋪了純白桌布、以硬卡紙劃分為兩邊的長餐桌上答卷,全程都很「豪華」 …(HK$1,000考的試就是不一樣,幸好透過大學報考可以claim回來)。

Listening和Reading沒如想像中完美(Reading答完後只剩五分鐘),而Writing的Part I感覺不錯,Part II就不太夠時間了。連續三小時左右的考試,原來沒有想像中漫長。



Then it came to the Speaking, which was totally OUT of my expectation.

For what I have heard, I started believing there would only be non-Chinese examiners. But I just got a 30 something Chinese lady who acted nothing like talking and discussing with me.

She spoke fast as hell (although not fast enough to lose me… lol) with no smile. And when I was talking, she acted like falling asleep. It was nothing like a friendly and nice chat that I have heard and expected.

But the worst part was the “discussion” task. I knew examiners tend to get candidates talking in case we got nothing to talk about. But this lady? She barely let me think!

After she STATED the questions (is it the so called “discussion”?), she wouldn’t wait for me to think for a second or two. She just burst out the follow-up explanation to the questions and said “Do you understand what does that mean?” (still speaking in a goddamn rushing speed).

I was forced to say something even before I could do the least amount of thinking!

“As the population of the world is growing, what do you think the government should do to cope with this situation?” Hell man I might not be able to give a decent answer to questions like that, not even if I had time to think!! IF I had.

And what made it worst was what she said at the end. “Actually I expected blahblahblah but you have been talking about something else.”

What the stupid hell are you talking about?! What do you mean by “expected”?! It IS a discussion. Not a QnA session!

In a discussion, even if you didn’t receive the expected “answer”, you try to continue the communication!

As an examiner, even if you wanted to finish your job quick, you don’t confuse a discussion with an interrogation!


成績出爐,Listening和Reading跟預期一般順利,都拿到8分(IELTS滿分是9分);而有點緊張的Writing也有7分;至於給黑面神盤問的Speaking,就只有6分。整體成績是7.5分,可說是above average,但不特別出眾吧。